Anno 1404 Beginners Guide Walkthrough Gameplay Example Part 1

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Anno 1404 Beginners Guide Walkthrough Gameplay Example Part 1

A look at Anno 1404 from a beginner's point of view. This is a gameplay example or tutorial, showing beginners by way of a walkthrough how the game is played. The idea is to provide basic step-by-step instructions on how to start playing this sort of game. If you want to know how to 'win', well, you'd better play it - a lot! ;)

No advanced techniques are used (not that I know many) - the idea is simply: how do you get started with this game? There are lots of options, and it all seems very open-ended at first.

This video includes a brief introduction to trading with ships (with one ship, in this case).

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Anno 1404 Beginners Guide Walkthrough Gameplay Example Part 1

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