Let's Play - Infinite Crisis **GIVEAWAY**

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Let's Play - Infinite Crisis **GIVEAWAY**

**edit, congrats to @BlueJayOnToast for winning the Giveaway!! **

Help me celebrate my 40 subscriber milestone!! Will be drawing one lucky viewer, for a Beta Key to the game highlighted here in this episode!! Entry details by clicking on the link!!! Winner announced on July 26th!

Also, winner will be announced in a Special Q&A episode, please post your Questions at http://ask.fm/MrNeondwarf !!!

Lets Play takes a look at Infinite Crisis, an exciting new game from Warner Bros. Currently closed beta access ony, this game will be a new F2P game when it goes live (no date confirmed). Of course, I head in with little skill. Oddly though, I manage to actually get a few kills and it almost looks like I am good at the game . . . almost

Head to https://www.infinitecrisis.com/en to sign up for the beta!

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Let's Play - Infinite Crisis **GIVEAWAY**

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