DarkOrbit Review, Recommended Free Online Games 2015

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DarkOrbit Review, Recommended Free Online Games 2015

DarkOrbit Review, Recommended Free Online Games 2015

Dark Orbit Reloaded is a 2D Sci-Fi MMORPG played right on your web browser. While it lacks sophisticated graphics, Dark Orbit offers a large game world with PvP oriented gameplay. Players can be attacked almost anywhere in the galaxy and death carries a stiff penalty. Mine ores, complete quests and battle for control of lucrative fields throughout the galaxy.

Dark Orbit is a popular space based browser MMORPG by Bigpoint. Like all of Bigpoint’s games, Dark Orbit is a heavily PvP oriented game. The first few zones are safe areas but the rest of the galaxy is a free for all.

Three powerful mining corporations can’t seem to divide the galaxy between themselves and continue to wage perpetual war against each other. New players are asked to chose which of these corporations they wish to join. Each has a different attitude towards their place in the galaxy. Switching factions is possible but not without a stiff cost.

The three Mining Corporations are:
Mars Mining Operation - Profit seeking opportunists.
Earth Industries Corporation - Believe in commitment to the company and shared goals.
Venus Resources Unlimited - Their mission statement includes protecting the galaxy and caring for their employees.

Taking all the advantages of Dark Orbit into consideration it can be said that Bigpoint has done its best in everything from bright and fascinating graphics to the sophisticated gameplay with difficult quests and impressive combats. The game can be called one of the best among browser online space games and everybody who likes intergalactic battles will appreciate Dark Orbit.

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DarkOrbit Review, Recommended Free Online Games 2015

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