Maplestory CHANGED! (2006 vs. 2015)

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Melinda Tse   |   3 год.
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Maplestory CHANGED! (2006 vs. 2015)

Girlfriend... or games? LOL watch my new video here =)

*NEW VLOG* My TOP 5 "Fails" in MapleStory =D

2nd VLOG is out! "What's NEW in MapleStory 2015? (For Returning Players)"

*Fun video with sister: "Which Type of Guy do Girls like?"

My first VLOG eveeer..! This is kind of a personal challenge to me because I've never been super comfortable in front of the camera... so I'm kinda trying to put myself out there to see if I can be a bit more outgoing haha. Feel free to leave some feedback on how I can improve LOL =)

Aside from the personal notes, it's CRAZY how much Maplestory has changed! I started playing again after my finals ended, and now I'm level 105 LOL (in only two weeks...) man, I remember when it used to take a month to get to level 30...

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy the video & find a lot of things that you can relate to! In the mean time, I will try to work on another video LOL maybe a part two! Kind of missing the Youtube community after 5 years of being inactive haha, so Ill try to update more frequently =D ..

Until then, stay connected with me! ^__^

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Maplestory CHANGED! (2006 vs. 2015)

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