Scythe - How To Play

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Scythe - How To Play

Watch It Played is a series designed to teach and play games. In this episode we're going to learn how to play Scythe.

This video comes with English subtitles: Credit to Andre Ribera.

CORRECTION (23:26): You MAY build a structure on The Factory.
CORRECTION (10:08): From the FAQ: The first two sentences on the right column of page 11 (Moving into Opponent-Controlled Territories/Controlled by Workers) should read, “If your character or mech move into a territory controlled by an opponent’s workers (and no other units), its movement ends (even if you have a mech ability that would allow it to move further). Each of the opponent’s workers on that territory immediately retreats to their faction’s home base, leaving behind any resource tokens.” This reflects the original intention of the rule, which allows a player to move a character/mech into a territory containing opponent worker(s), force those worker(s) to retreat, and then move a different unit through that territory.

Going to be teaching Scythe? The designer has some tips, see Jamey Stegmaier's video here:

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00:00 - Introduction
00:59 - The Setup
04:22 - Game Play Overview
04:54 - Taking A Turn
04:58 - Assign Your Action Marker
05:09 - Choose Your Actions
06:19 - Touring The Board
06:51 - Units
07:17 - Controlling A Territory
07:45 - Action: Move/Gain
09:16 - Tunnels
09:36 - Entering Enemy Territories
10:37 - Combat
14:29 - Informal Agreements & Bribes
15:10 - Encounters
16:26 - The Factory
17:49 - Action: Bolster
18:03 - Action: Trade
18:31 - Action: Produce
19:50 - Multiplier Tokens
19:58 - No Available Actions
20:23 - Bottom Row Actions
20:37 - Using Resources
21:02 - Action: Upgrade
21:43 - Bottom Row Action Variability
21:55 - Action: Deploy
22:11 - Mech Abilities
22:40 - Riverwalk
23:11 - Action: Build
23:37 - Structure: Monument
23:43 - Structure: Armory
23:48 - Structure: Mine
24:03 - Structure: Mill
24:24 - Controlling Territories With Structures
24:49 - Structure Bonus Tiles
25:21 - Action: Enlist
26:54 - Faction Abilities
27:20 - Completing An Objective
28:09 - Placing Stars
29:08 - Placing Your Sixth Star (Edge Cases)
30:18 - Calculating Your Final Score
31:26 - Determining The Winner
31:54 - Achievements
32:03 - Conclusion

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Scythe - How To Play

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