Marvel Dice Masters - How To Play

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Marvel Dice Masters - How To Play

Watch It Played is a series designed to teach and play games!

In this episode we will learn how to play Marvel Dice Masters which is published by Wizkids.


00:00 - Introduction
01:07 - Component Overview
02:16 - Setting Up A Starter Game
03:10 - Gameplay Overview and Objective
03:57 - The Clear And Draw Step
05:05 - The Main Step
05:32 - The Energy
06:05 - Purchase A Die
06:50 - Character Dice
07:29 - Fielding A Character Die
08:15 - Play Actions
09:33 - Global Abilities
10:36 - End Of The Main Step
10:50 - Spending Partial Energy
11:23 - Character Abilities
11:39 - The Attack Step
15:25 - Modifiers
15:57 - Clean Up
16:35 - Emptying Your Dice Bag
17:05 - Conclusion

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Marvel Dice Masters - How To Play

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