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So, this generation has had a pretty good run - we've had some cracking titles over the last 7 years or so.

But, perhaps more interesting than the highlights of this gen's interactive entertainment is the dark nadir of games best left forgotten.

Kicking off our shameful selection, and with the dubious virtue of being the least-worst of our selection, Shellshock 2: Blood Trails scored an impressively low thirty percent, putting it at number ten on our list.

Next up, at number nine it's lacklustre offroad racer Score International Baja 1000, taking the dubious honour of being the worst racing game available for the Xbox, by virtue of its Metacritic score of just 29 percent.

At number 8, Jumper: Griffin's story escapes the label of 'worst movie tie-in ever' by a hair, with a less-than-enviable Metacritic score of 29.

At number seven on our list is Truth or Lies, scoring a paltry 28 percent.

A microphone-driven party game that styles itself on a polygraph machine - a lie detector, in which you answer a sequence of questions intended to provoke, embarrass or reveal your inner secrets.

At number 6, Rebellion's second entry to our list - Rogue Warrior - has a layer more polish than their other offering - but falls even further from grace, with a rating of just 28 percent: earning it the hotly contested title of 'worst FPS this generation'.

Next is the first of a string of Kinect games: Deca Sports Freedom is our fifth worst game, with average reviews of 26 percent - making the lukewarm Kinect Sports looks like game of the year by comparison.

While not every game for the xbox's motion control camera is necessarily bad - they do seem to have a solid representation at the bottom of the pile.

At number 4 is another Kinect title: Hulk Hogan's Main Event is a cartoon-esque wrestling game that attained a Metacritic score of just 26.

Number 3 is a painful revisit to an otherwise dead franchise, dredged from the seedier side of PC gaming of the late 1980s.

Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust features the original Larry's nephew in a low-budget open-world sandbox romp that attracted scathing reviews across the board for a Metacritic score of 25 percent.

From the puerile to the puellile, with our second worst rated title - and lowest-scoring movie tie-in this generation.

To be fair, I doubt the expectations for 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' were very high - but nonetheless it attained a less-than-lofty 25 percent.

Now, the moment you've been waiting for - our final entry, collectively deemed the worst ever game made for the Xbox 360...

...is Self-Defence Training Camp, this Kinect title comfortably at the bottom of the pile with average review scores of just 21 percent.

It is perhaps ironic that the motion controls here are the keenest of all three Kinect titles - surprisingly responsive and with a good degree of tolerance in the moves.

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